Mountainbike-Tour /MTB Dikeos & Zia Off Road


Tour Zia Dikeos Pily

Kos Island Dikeos Zia Tour


Day: Friday
Duration 09:00-13:00
Participants:   Maximum 07 Partipants
Length of Tour: ca.30-35 km
Price in Euro: 35 €
Bike : Mountainbike:Scott
Difficulty: Hard
Total Ascent: 900 hm


The Dikeos mountain range stretches along the south east of the island. This tour offers the maximum offroad fun you can get anywhere on the island.

We start near Kos and ascend through olive groves and pine forests. The trail becomes rather technical and leads us to the crest of the mountain, where one has a truly panaroramic view of the north and the south of island. While riding along the crest, one discovers places that defy the touristic reputation of Kos.
This is followed by a adrenaline-charged downhill.