• It is the  Renter’s responsibility to ensure comfort & set up is correct before  departure, as well ensuring that the issued equipment (bicycle, helmet,  tools etc.) are received in good order.
  • The Renter  shall not deliberately abuse the equipment e.g. jumping over objects, skidding, dropping equipment etc.
  • Any loss or damage to this equipment during the period of hire, will be charged to the Renter according to the ‘Companies’ discretions, e.g., labour, delivery   & costs of parts
  • The Renter herewith acknowledges that he/she is aware of the risks involved while  riding the bicycle on and off road.
  • No alcohol or senses impairing drugs should be consumed, in any way, before or while riding the bicycle.
  • The Renter  confirms that he/she is physically and mentally fit & able.
  • If the Renter is between 16 to 18 years old, written parental consent is required.
  • No refunds  are issued e.g. due to failure of equipment due to accident or abuse,  punctures etc
  • It is the  Renter’s responsibility to be converse in puncture repairing.
  • No lending  or hiring the bicycle to a third person.
  • No riding or pushing the bike on the beach. Sea/ Salt spray must be avoided at all times.
  • Whenever the bike is unattended it must be locked to a fixed object that cannot be  easily manipulated and all loose articles, like saddle bags, pumps, helmets, to be taken with.  In case of theft or damage, the full replacement value will be charged to the Renter.
  • At night, the bicycle is recommended to be locked inside the Renter’s hotel room, if possible.  Alternatively the bicycle  frame must be locked against a fixed immovable object. The bicycles are   not equipped for night riding.
  • The bicycle  should not lean on the brake discs or the derailure/gear changer (rear  –right hand side) at any time.
  • The Renter  assumes own responsibility of his/her knowledge and conduct in the traffic  and must be aware of dangers and risks involved when mountain biking on  theisland ofKos. – eg  equipment , terrain, traffic etc.
  • It is the Renter’s responsibility to ask questions if there is uncertainty, before  departure.
  • The amount  paid for the hire of equipment is non refundable.
  • It is the  Renter’s responsibility to return the bike before 19:00 hrs on the agreed   return date, else a penalty fee will be incurred.
  • The rental   fee is to be paid in advance.
  • In case of  return of the bike before the expiry of the rental period, no refund can  be given.
  • Kos Bike  Activities is not liable for loss/damage to participant’s possessions or  injury/death to participants. Participation at own risk.
  • Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled by Greek law.


Deposit:           €______  Paid   (refundable on return of all equipment in good order)

Hire Charge:    €______

Total:               €______

Date:               ___/___/___                            Signature:   _______________________


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